Larynx cancer

What is larynx cancer?

cáncer laringe

When the tumoral cells are located in the larynx, it is a larynx cancer.

The larynx is a triangular conduct the vertex of which is Adam's apple, which connects the pharynx and the trachea, and where the vocal chords are located. The human being can make them vibrate expulsing air from the lungs, and the sound they make can be modulated with the mouth, nose and pharynx to form the voice.

The larynx has three areas or regions:

  • The glottis, which is in the middle and contains the vocal chords.
  • The supraglottic region, which is a tissue located above the glottis and contains the epiglottis, which works as a lid that blocks the glottis so that food can go down the oesophagus without entering the lungs.
  • Subglottic reguon, which is under the glottis and connects with the trachea.