Mouth or oral cavity cancer

What is mouth or oral cavity cancer?

Cáncer oral

The oral cancer is the cancer located in the oral cavity (the mouth area) and the oropharynx (the throat area of back of the mouth).

Physic exploration must be an integral part of medical and odontologic exams since is early detection is crucial. In general, cancerous lesions smaller than 15 mm of diameter can be easily cured.

The oral cavity is formed by the following parts:

  • Lips, teeth and gums.
  • Lips and cheeks inner coating (oral mucosa).
  • Mouth floor (under the tongue).
  • Superior part of the mouth (hard palate).
  • A small zone behind the wisdom teeth (retromolar space).

The oropharynx is formed by:

  • The back third of the tongue.
  • The soft palate.
  • The tonsils.
  • The rear part of the throat