Breast cancer

The cause of breast cancer is currently unknown, but there are certain known risk factors such as:

  • Being a woman
  • Age: the older the patient, the greater the risk of breast cancer
  • Having other cases of breast cancer in the family, especially in young people
  • Having started menstruating very young
  • Late menopause
  • Having taken hormone replacement therapy for a long time
  • Having had a first child later in life

Women with a family history of several cases of breast cancer should discuss with their gynaecologist how to reduce their personal risk of suffering breast cancer.


What is early detection?

Early detection is based on collecting a detailed medical history, a breast examination carried out by a specialist, and assessment of the personal risk of breast cancer, performing a mammogram and breast ultrasound and, in special cases, the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

What steps should I take if I discover a palpable breast lump?

In the presence of a palpable breast lump, diagnostic tests must be carried out which include the diagnostic imaging tests described in the previous section, as well as taking a tissue sample for analysis.

The tissue sample obtained by puncture or biopsy will enable you to find out whether or not you have breast cancer.

Further tests will aim to find out whether a malignant tumour has spread outside the breast.

We will also want to find out whether the tumour is conditioned in its growth by hormones or by proteins such as HER2.

The genetic study will tell us whether the breast cancer has a chance of returning once the treatment is finished.

Fibroadenoma-mamarioBreast fibroadenoma
Nódulo-mamario-y-arpónBreast lumpand harpoon

What is the most appropriate treatment?

The treatment of breast cancer includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or hormone treatment.

The treatments are personalised according to the characteristics of your tumour, your age, your general state of health, the image you have of your body, and your hopes and fears.

Centro Médico Teknon has a multidisciplinary unit dedicated to the rapid diagnosis and complete treatment of every breast cancer case. This unit is made up of oncologists, surgeons, gynaecologists, radiotherapists, plastic surgeons, pathologists, etc. Its aim is to achieve ever higher rates of curing breast cancer thanks to the coordinated action of all its members.