Rudolf Morgenstern López

Specialty: Orthopedic surgery and traumatology
Specialty: Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery
Hospitals where he/she works:
  • Centro Médico Teknon
Serving specialties:
  • Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Rudolf Morgenstern has been educated in the USA and Germany to apply the newest and most advanced techniques in endoscopic and minimal invasive spine surgery. He is a member of the faculty of the Centro Médico Teknon (Barcelona, Spain).

  • Medical Doctor (M.D.)
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Work Medicine Specialist
  • Endoscopic Spine Surgeon (YESS method, Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering - Biomechanics
  • Accredited surgeon in Laser Surgery and radiofrequency
  • Accredited surgeon in Kyphoplasty
  • Accredited surgeon in intersomatic implants
  • Accredited surgeon in percutaneous implants

Scientific societies

  • XXIV President (2010/2011) of the International Intradiscal Therapy Society (IITS), USA
  • National delegate of the International Society for Minimal Intervention In Spinal Surgery (ISMISS), EE.UU.
  • Honorary member of the Société Française des Techniques Endoscopiques du Rachis (SOFTER), France
  • Vice-president of the International Muskuloskeletal Laser Society (IMLAS), UK
  • Member of The American Academy of Minimally Invasive Spinal Medicine and Surgery, (AAMIS), USA
  • Member of the Spine Arthroplasty Society (SAS), USA
  • Vice-president of International Society for Minimal Intervention In Spinal Surgery (ISMISS), Spain
  • Vice-president of the Sociedad Española de Abordajes Percutaneos y Cirugía Mini-Invasiva del Raquis, Spain.
  • Member of the Sociedad Española de Cirugía Ortopédica y Traumatología (SECOT), SpainMember of the faculty of Centro Médico Teknon