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Coordinated by Dr. Luis Aliaga, our Pain Management Clinic is run by a highly qualified staff and is the clinic of choice for referral patients in need of a multidisciplinary approach to the study or treatment of chronic pain. Because of this we have established permanent, open lines of communication with referring doctors so that patient information can be shared quickly and accurately.

The Teknon Pain Management Clinic offers a large variety of treatments for the control of pain, from patient specific medication plans to high tech surgery. The Teknon Pain Management Clinic also has medical research teams focusing on the pre-clinical and clinical study of pain prevention. We are one of the only private hospitals with such facilities and we benefit from the new procedures and experience their research provides us. Meanwhile our patients benefit from faster and more effective chronic pain treatment.

To review our agreements with insurance companies you may consult your medical chart or ask one of our secretaries.

* Visits at agreed times by telephone. Our call schedule is: (See schedule at the bottom of the page)