Clavicle fractures

Fractura clavículaFractura clavícula

Clavicle fractures account for 10 to 16% of all fractures in our bones and are most common in childhood. Clavicle fractures are usually caused by direct impact- a fall on the shoulder- which transfers the impact to the collar bone. Thus this is a typical fracture related to some sports that can cause violent impacts to the shoulder: fall from bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, downhill skiing, snowboarding, ruby, ice hockey, soccer, paddle tennis and horse riding, etc.

Clavicle fractures have a very good prognosis which means that the vast majority heal following conservative treatment in 6-8 weeks. Some fractures cannot be treated conservatively and demand a surgical procedure.

In order to achieve rapid re-incorporation in sport activities we perform a minimally invasive procedure that guarantees less damage to the soft tissues, less pain and faster rehabilitation.