Fractures of the ankle

Fracturas del tobilloFracturas del tobillo

The ankle joint involves the lower third of the tibia and fibula and articulates with the talus of the foot. This anatomical region is very likely to sustain mainly two types of injuries: high-energy trauma and twisting mechanisms. Traffic accidents usually produce the so called pilon fractures. Pilon fractures are associated with high involvement of the tissues surrounding the bone and therefore require very careful treatment of these tissues before resolving the bone lesion. In sports ankle fractures exist where jumping and turning occur like soccer, skiing, snowboarding, basketball, skateboarding, volleyball, martial arts, etc. The injury occurs at the level of the clamp mechanism known as tibio-talar joint which prevent the normal conditions where the foot separates from the leg.

Ankle injuries require an anatomical reconstruction to prevent joint stiffness and future osteoarthritis. Therefore quick and minimally invasive surgery is performed to reinstate the patient as soon as possible to their previous activity.