Gynecological cancer
Incidence of gynecological cancer

Cáncer de ovario (ecografía)

The main cause of death among women is still due to cardiovascular diseases, although from 35 to 75 years of age gynecological cancer is the most frequent cause.

Among the types of gynecological cancer responsible for the death of women in the developed countries, breast cancer occupies second place (after lung cancer), while ovarian cancer occupies fifth place.

Cáncer de ovario (resonancia magnética nuclear)The incidence of uterine neck cancer remains constant at all ages in women, whereas ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer increase considerably during the perimenopausal years, and are by far the most frequent after the age of 50.

At present, mortality rates due to ovarian cancer clearly exceed combined mortality due to cancer of the uterine neck and endometrial cancer.

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy have so far constituted the three main methods in the treatment of gynecological cancer.