Dr. Miguel Josa was licensed in Medicine by the Barcelona University Medical School and trained in General Surgery and Thoracic Surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He developed his initial practice at Brigham and Women Hospital and the West Roxbury Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, and held a professor position at Harvard Medical School. Upon his return to Spain he has developed his professional activity as a Consultant at the Hospital Clinic and at the Teknon Medical Center (Quirón Hospital Systems), both in Barcelona. He holds the Spanish Cardiovascular Specialty certification and has been accredited by The American Board of Thoracic Surgery and by The European Board of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery.

Dr. Josa has been past President of the Catalan Society of Cardiac Surgery and of the Spanish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery and, at the present time he is President of the Foundation "Surgery and the Heart". He has been a member of the "Commission of Experts in the Area of the Heart" and the "Cardiovascular Surgery Specialty Commission" of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Dr. Josa´s interest in science has led him to participate in many scientific meetings and to the publication of a large body of scientific studies in leading specialty journals. He has had a specific interest in quality control in cardiac surgery and is the Director of the Quality Project of the Spanish Society of Thoracic-Cardiovascular. He also leads the Spanish Registry Database and has published an extensive report on the results of Cardiac Surgery in Adult Patients in Spain. The senior surgical group also include Dr. Daniel Pereda. This surgeon was trained at Clinic Hospital in Barcelona and completed his training during several years at Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins University.

Dr. Josa and his associates have a wide experience in all fields of Cardiovascular Surgery and they are experts in the front edge areas of medical knowledge and surgical techniques. The group uses specific protocols in coronary artery surgery for the use of procedures "Off Pump" and "On Pump". They are a leading group in Spain in minimally invasive surgery, especially in Heart Port Access Techniques. Dr. Josa´s group are experts in the repair of all cardiac valves, especially in the repair of the mitral valve, which they perform in combination with Heart Port Access in many patients. They are well known for their expertise in procedures for the repair of aneurysms of the thoracic aorta, in native aortic valve preservation, and techniques of septal myectomy for the repair of septal hypertrophy and sub-annular rings They all belong to one of the most important centers in Spain in heart mechanical assistance and transplantation and have a well-founded knowledge of surgical techniques for the support of the failing heart.