Elbow and wrist

The elbow joint is formed by the distal humerus and proximal ulna and radius. The lateral ligaments on both sides provide stability. The elbow acts as a hinge joint between two hipermobile joints: the shoulder and the wrist.

The wrist joint is formed by the distal radius, the distal ulna and the wrist bones (scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum, etc.) A sophisticated net of strong ligaments provide stability to the carpal bones.

In the practice of certain sports, especially golf, tennis and sailing, injuries can occur from overuse of the tendons: tendinitis, epicondylitis, sprains, nerve entrapment (carpal tunnel) and cartilage injuries. Proper restoration of damaged anatomy and highly specialized physical therapy are crucial to restore function in wrist disorders.

La artroscopia proporciona una forma poco agresiva para tratar los problemas dentro de la articulación con un menor daño a los tejidos y una recuperación mas rápida y confortable.