Lifting significantly improves the appearance, rejuvenating the skin tone and facial contours, providing a youthful effect and restoring the vitality that time has taken away.

Lifting varies depending on the areas of the face to be improved, the emphasis being on the most affected areas, the placement and extension of the incisions and whether or not complementary techniques are used (eyelid surgery, cheek implants, etc.) in addition to the length of the operation.


Like all procedures, a previous medical exam is essential for detecting any possible anomalies that could negatively affect the operation.

Dr. Ana M. Torres will evaluate your facial structure and the quality of your skin, as well as your general state of health.

If you smoke, you must stop smoking three to four weeks before the procedure and for three weeks afterwards, as tobacco decreases peripheral blood circulation and alters the scarring process.


The lifting can be done with local anesthesia and sedation.

In those patients who require special treatment in the neck area, general anesthesia can be applied.

Surgical procedure

The technique basically consists of repositioning the layers of muscles, skin and fat removing excess tissue by making an incision, which generally starts above the ears (inside the hairline), extends along the inside of the natural lines of the ear and continues around the ear lobe, behind the ear and scalp. This allows any scarring to be perfectly camouflaged.

In some cases, further liposuction must be done on the neck as well as repositioning its muscles, which will leave a scar approximately three cm. long directly below the chin.

The following day and before you are discharged, drains and dressings are removed and your hair is washed. An elastic bandage must be for eight days (at least 8 hours per day) to relieve tension on the wounds.

There may be bruising or swelling after surgery, which will progressively lessen.


You will have to remain in the hospital for at least one day after the procedure.

Postoperative care

Thanks to the homeopathic medication protocol, postoperative swelling and pain are minor.

Some additional analgesics may be needed in the first hours.

We recommend minimizing all activity and, if possible, resting for one week until the stitches are removed. The inflammation will settle within two weeks and bruising will disappear.