Face Lift


A face lift makes it possible to improve a face that betrays the passing of time in the form of sagging, loss of volume and deep expression lines. This procedure is indicated in people who wish to improve their facial appearance and feel good, but do it safely and with excellent results.

This technique enables treatment of the middle and lower sections of the face and neck and loose skin when the cheeks and jaw line have lost their definition or there is no separation between the face and neck.

How is the technique performed?

The procedure consists of tightening the layers of muscle, skin and fat and removing excess tissue by making an incision, normally above the ears, then continuing inwards along the natural lines of the ear and earlobe – this ensures that the scarring will be completely hidden.

A face lift is done under local anaesthesia and requires overnight admission.

What are the results like?

Following the intervention, the skin on your face will be lifted and rejuvenated with improvements in volume and expression lines.

The definitive results are seen 3-4 weeks later, when postoperative swelling has gone down and scars are concealed in the folds of the skin without any feeling of tautness.

Postoperative care

After the technique, we recommend that you keep your skin moisturised and protected from the sun and care for your wounds once or twice a day.