Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a technique for reducing excess breast volume. It is recommended in patients in whom the weight of excess breast volume causes back pain or mastodynia (breast pain) or prevents them from doing sports activities. Before the intervention, Dr Torres will discuss with the patient how much volume she wishes to lose in order to determine the amount of tissue volume that needs to be left to achieve the desired size.

The intervention consists of reducing the volume of the breasts while ensuring tissue mobilisation so that the areola has a good blood supply, whether from an upper or lower flap. There are different types of technique; the one used will depend on each specific breast type.


Following the intervention, the patient achieves the desired appearance with excellent, completely natural results.

Postoperative care

The scars are visible, especially during the first year. With the application of adequate wound care (silicone strips and rose hip oil) and by wearing a special bra for 3-4 months, the scarring may fade and improve in appearance in patients with no healing problems. During the first few days, it is also important to avoid any exertion.