How can it be prevented?

Cara y pecho - prevención

Exposure to solar radiation

The incidence rate of skin cancer can be reduced providing we take a rational approach to exposure to solar radiation (common sense sunbathing) and by carrying out regular self-examination.

Self-examination of the skin

Cuello y espalda - prevenciónThe best time for self-examination of the skin is when taking a bath or a shower. For this you will need a large mirror and a hand mirror. It is necessary to take into account skin lesions already present and to note any change or the appearance of a new lesion.

The steps to follow are:

  1. Examine your face and then, with your arms raised, your body, both front and back as well as the sides.
  2. Examine arms, forearms, hands and nails.
  3. Behind the legs. In a seated position, examine your feet, particularly the soles and between your toes.
  4. Examine your neck and back with a hand mirror, not forgetting the scalp with the aid of a comb, parting the hair to get a good view.
  5. Examine your lower back, buttocks and genitals with a hand mirror.