Centro Médico Teknon

Centro Medico Teknon offers comprehensive healthcare services in an atmosphere where the emphasis is on providing personalized care and support with state-of-the-art technology in each area of patient care.

The current 60,000-m2 facilities were inaugurated in 1994. Centro Medico Teknon campus is divided into eight main areas, all of which are connected and provide direct access to the centre’s 1000-space parking garage. These eight areas are:

  • Hospitalization in rooms with all the necessary medical-healthcare equipment, as well as plenty of light, individual heating and air-conditioning control and television. The Centre has 300 private rooms, 19 suites and 12 incubators.
  • The Surgical Area has 20 operating theatres equipped with cutting-edge technology where about 14,000 operations are carried out each year.
  • The Day Hospital was created for all patients whose treatment does not require an overnight stay at the Centre. The day hospital has 42 rooms and 3 outpatient operating theatres.
  • The Intensive Care Unithas 14 multipurpose beds for children and adults.
  • Doctors’ Offices with a medical staff of more than 300 professionals covering all medical-surgical specialities for adults and children. All facilities are connected for easy access for patients. The doctors’ office area is located in 2 buildings with 96 offices, all of which are connected to the clinic and have direct access to the parking garage.
  • The Diagnostic Services Area is divided into: diagnostic imaging, the laboratory and additional tests.
  • The Emergency Service is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is staffed by a top-rate team of professionals and has the most advanced medical equipment to respond quickly, effectively and safely to an average of 300 medical emergencies at Centro Medico Teknon.
  • Instituto Oncologico Teknon (Teknon Oncology Institute) offers comprehensive healthcare for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
  • Instituto Cardiovascular Teknon