What kind of post surgery care is needed?

For at least the first 12 hours after surgery the patient will wear a bandage not only to prevent possible bleeding but also to hold the grafts in place. After 24 hours the hair can be washed as usual and the person can carry out their life in a normal manner. It is possible that there may be some discomfort in the first 4 days in the area at the back of the head where the grafts were removed. This is caused by the stitches which are generally taken out 10 days after the surgery takes place.

Three months after the surgery the implanted hair will start to appear, bearing in mind that the new roots have to undergo a period of recovery before they start to make new hairs. Once the hairs start growing the process will be completed in under a year.

There are no side effects except from the small surgical sites which may become swollen (on the forehead and face) during the first 4-5 days because of the bandage. Also the stitches may cause pain, a feeling of tightness and possible bruising in the first few days. All these possible side effects will disappear within a week or ten days after the surgery.

There is no chance of rejection because the graft is from the patient's own hair ensuring complete success. In summary it is a completely safe procedure that doesn't expose the patient to any health risks and most importantly has a high success rate of 90%.

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