The Institut de la Màcula is an international benchmark in the treatment of medical and surgical pathologies of the macula, retina and vitreous and forms part of the Centro Médico Teknon.

The Institut's new building, inaugurated recently, has further enhanced the patients' comfort and continues to offer the best in service.

Use of cutting edge techniques and treatments place the lnstitut at the forefront of international centres renowned for curing sight disorders.

Services and Facilities

At the Institut we offer a complete range of services related to ophthalmological health including, among other areas of expertise, degenerative and vascular disorders of the macula, diabetic retinopathy, vitreoretinal microsurgery, refractive surgery and cataract treatments, as well as ocular plastic surgery and glaucoma treatments.

The Institut's success is based on its tailor-made service, extremely thorough medical care, innovation and the continuous introduction of improvements resulting from its specialists' involvement in research projects.

The Institut de la Màcula i de la Retina is ruled by a rigorous culture of quality management, oriented towards providing the best possible care and achieving patient satisfaction with the utmost safety.

Support for International Patients. In coordination with Centro MédicoTeknon's International Area, the Institut will assist you at all times with information and quotes, and in coordinating your time at the center.

During your stay in Barcelona, we will:

  • Be your connection point with our medical team, making sure you have all the information you need related to your medical care.
  • Coordinate the translation service.
  • Help find accommodation for you and your companions or put you in contact with Teknon Club International Patient Service.

At our centre you can be sure that our professionals will assist you at all times, making your stay in Barcelona and at the centre as agreeable as possible.