Foot Reflexology

This is an alternative manual therapy like message, that is totally innocuous and which employs diagnostic re-enforcement and therapeutics as techniques.

It is based on the fact that in the foot, we have reflected our entire organism, the order in which these points are reflected is identical to the anatomy of our body.

The anomalies that may exist in our organism, like, for example, back pain or a headache are felt by means of the pain that is produced with minimal pressure on the foot, in the point corresponding to that in which the head is reflected the lumbar area.

The therapy consists in pressing these areas in order to stimulate self-curing. This is obtained, according to the oriental theory, by means of energetic channels or by the nervous system, according to the western theory.

In spite of the differences existing between the two approaches, in what homeopathic medicine as well as the natural agree one is that the spinal nerves, are the main ones responsible for the areas reflected in the human body.

With reflexology

Reflexology favors the following

  • Deep relaxation
  • Improvement of circulation of blood
  • Causing deposits and wastes to be returned to their place of origin of the energetic blockages.
  • Freeing up energy from whatever blockage so that it might circulate and flow throughout the whole human
  • Regulating whatever glandular and organic functions.

In angiology, foot reflexology may assume a helpful therapy next to lymphatic drainage and as the only therapy can stimulate lymphatic and sanguinary circulation, just as it can aide in bringing the nervous system into equilibrium and exploring other possible causes of pathology.