An embolism is an obstruction of a blood, arterial, venous vessel or capillary, owing to a circulating clot through the current of blood.

When this clot is blocked in an arteriole, often the collateral current of blood is re-established, but if the obstructed artery is of a significant caliber, complications may develop.

Venous thrombosis is a potentially critical condition which by its characteristics, entails a life-threatening risk, and, in particular, because of its consequences, may leave a significant burden for people who suffer from it.

We know, for example, in Spain, between 10,000 y 20,000 people die per year of a pulmonary embolism, one of the consequences of venous thrombosis.

Statistics confirm that 15 new cases per year per every 10,000 inhabitants present, which can be added to the already affected population. Because of these figures, the prevalence of the consequence of a venous thrombosis are 5% of the population.