Heavy Legs

¨Heavy legs¨ are one of the most specific symptoms among human afflictions. Except in rare occasions, they are only induced by exercise and alleviate rapidly with its interruption. Claudication indicates always an insufficient blood supply to the muscles in contraction. It appears exclusively in the cases of chronic occlusive arterial disease or arteriospastic disease, in which the blood is diminished and as a consequence oxygenation is deficient.

Generally, the symptoms with which patients present range from muscle cramps, tightness, fatigue, even feeling pain. It is customary that fatigue preceeds the pain and even though in the beginning it can be mute, it can become acute. This usually begins in the calf, by propagating, itself in the muscle above and below. In the region of the foot, from the ankle and the heel, the pain is of a different type, it can be described as a sensation such as walking barefoot on a rocky terrain.