Popliteal aneurysms

Popliteal aneurysms are found in the muscle or nerve passing through the popliteal area located in the anterior portion and opposite the knee. Recently, an increase in the frequency of aneurysmal pathology and its complications has been seen both in the aorto-iliac as well as in the peripheral sector (popliteal). This is owing to the fact that they are diagnosed more frequently and earlier, thanks to the use of new diagnostic technology, such as Doppler, CTA and MRI.. Likewise, it has been shown that the increase of this pathology is linked to the increment of aneurysmal forms of arterosclerosis.

Surgical techniques have improved significantly in the last decades, as well as the post-operative recuperation time and the possibility of implanting grafts. All of this has enormously influenced the outcomes of surgical treatment. Endovascular surgery, likewise, has opened up new possibilities for implanting grafts with this system, ideal in patients of advanced age, because of the high risk that surgical intervention entails.