Other types of ulcers

Varicose ulcer: these are usually found in the dorsum of the foot and in the internal malleolar. Their characteristics present with standing disturbances, white atrophy, dark yellowish-brown hyperpigmentation

Post-phlebitic ulcer: Is usually found on the internal malleolar. It usually appears with disturbances to standing, a reddish bottom and irregular borders.

Diabetic ulcers:

  • Macroangiopathy: large blood vessel disease similar to atherosclerosis but with greater capacity to get infected.
  • Microangiopathy: small blood vessel disease, found spontaneously or by insignificant trauma (callus, chafing, abrasion).

In both cases, they are located in the digital zones or the zones of chafing, usually vary in size, are round, excavated with a red bottom and not very painful.

  • Neuropathic ulcers: are found in the metatarsalphalangeal joints of the first and fifth toes and in the plantar area. Their size varies, they are not painful and may be surrounded in depth by hyperkeratosis.