Preventative heparin treatment for thrombosis

Prostaglandin treatment for inoperable arterial disease

Cellular therapy for ischemia and diabetic foot

Angiogenic stem cell therapy is being used in clinical research for the improvement of advanced stages of ischemia of the lower extremities that are not corrected by revascularization. It deals with mother cells coming from the oseus medulla of the patient in order to promote the creation of new blood vessels and to avoid amputation. We have at our disposal the HARVEST American system authorized since 2007 by the European Union. (CH 618957)

  • The HARVEST Method is a system of rapid securing of concentrated adult stem cells of the patient, enriched with growth factors. Its. objective is the stimulation of angiogenesis in cases of critical ischemia which are inoperable by either surgical revascularization or endovascular means (angioplasty with stent).