Fat Transfer (Lipofilling)


Fat transfer is a technique that uses low-pressure liposuction to extract grafts of fatty tissue cells and implant them where necessary in the same patient.

Fat transfer can be performed in the facial area, the limbs and the chest. It is essentially used for breast reconstruction and reconstruction of limb defects as a result of trauma. In the facial area, it can be used to correct genetic defects, such as fat atrophy syndrome.

How is fat transfer performed?

The fat is usually removed from areas with signs of lipodystrophy, such as the hips, thighs or abdomen. It is an intervention indicated for people with sufficient fat deposits. In some cases of breast reconstruction, fat grafts are injected in two or three separate interventions to give the body time to assimilate the graft and, little by little, create volume where there was none before.

With low-pressure liposuction using the Body-Jet Lipotransfer technology, the two interventions can be carried out in one. This technique, applied for the first time in Spain by Dr Torres, allows the fat to be extracted at a low pressure without damaging the cells. It then undergoes a washing and filtering process before being injected into areas where increased volume is required.

We usually use the Coleman technique for the insertion or injection of fatty tissue cell or fat grafts. This procedure enables small amounts of cells per square millimetre to be deposited. This means that each cell is surrounded by vascularised tissue, which helps the cells to survive (in breast tissue, fat cell grafts are injected into subcutaneous tissue and pectoral muscle and not into the mammary gland). Small incisions are made to insert the fat and leave no visible scars.

This technique is performed in the operating theatre under local or epidural anaesthesia, depending on the area to be treated.

What results can be expected?

The results in our patients have been very good, obtaining the naturally desired volume without the need for implants or other materials.

Postoperative care

Postoperative care is the same as for liposuction (compression garment for 3-4 weeks, radio frequency or lymph drainage). In the area where the fat transfer was performed, we recommend application of heat and an arnica-based cream in the first few days to help reduce inflammation.