Laser Surgery

What is a laser?

In vascular pathology, the laser is utilized in the treatment of varicose veins and in diseases of the craneal, vascular cephalic, or migraines.

In cases of hemiplegias which run a course with hypertonics, a quicker muscular relaxation is obtained, by combining techniques of laser puncture with reflex therapy and masotherapy. The laser is an apparatus that produces waves of light, capable of penetrating our bodies and producing effects. There are different types of lasers, depending on the effects sought..

There is a worldwide classification for the potency of lasers, which is considered harmless of 1 to 3Mw. From 4 to 7 Mw are lasers of therapeutic medical usage because the light has an invasive character and can affect only the cutaneous tissue in which abrasions can be produced (many times causes by medicine, in order to achieve rejuvenating effects of the skin), as well as in the subcutaneous tissues in which it acts by its photobiological activity. And with more than 7Mw, lasers are exclusively for industrial or military use.

There are lasers of very low potency that can be used for esthetic reasons because they do not have the capacity to produce adverse effects in the organism and others of greater potency that are used in the OR.. And finally, there are those of very high potency that are utilized exclusively for industrial and military means.

Among the most frequently used medical lasers, the potency of which is between 4 and 7 Mw are those of alejandrita, that of ruby, of carbon dioxide, helium neon, argon, the infra-red, that of neodimioyag and finally that of Holmium yag or lasik.

Therapeutic laser act by means of phototherapy. That is to say, they utilize coherent light from the laser that acts as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic (for pain) or for the regeneration of tissues. They bear the category of therapeutic: that of helium neon, that of infra-red and that of Epilights, while those of ruby, argon, carbon dioxide, and of neodimio yag and that of holmium yag and lasik are for surgical procedures.