Enfermedades de Glándula Mamaria


There is little cause for greater concern or alarm than finding a "lump" or tumor in the breast. You always think the worst and most dramatic. The reactions are different and very different, from people who consult the doctor quickly, to people who are afraid to tell anyone and therefore delay the diagnosis and possible solutions.

It is normal for a person to feel distressed and worried about presenting a "lump" in the breast, in principle the sooner you notice it and how small it is, the more chances of healing you will have if it is cancer. Not all "bultomas" are malignant, a professional should be consulted so that he can diagnose it correctly and if appropriate perform the appropriate treatment.

We cannot forget that breast cancer is the most frequent in women and is the second cause of mortality of women with cancer, after lung cancer but we must also note that if the tumor is small and there are no nodes the survival rate is greater than 95%. Mammography remains the test of choice.