Pathologies or diseases of the thyroid can be treated medically and/or surgically.

Hyperthyroidism with small diffuse or nodular goiter, small uni or multinodular goiter, asymptomatic and benign, hypothyroidism presents a good response to medical treatment.

Other pathologies such as hyperthyroidism refractory to medical treatment, large and / or symptomatic goiter and thyroid cancer are surgical treatment.

Surgery plays a fundamental role in the treatment of thyroid diseases. The objective of the surgeon who should indicate thyroid surgery should be in cases of non-response to medical treatment, cases that present symptoms, are usually large goiters (dysphagia, airway obstruction, etc.) and thyroid cancer.

The degree of surgery to be performed (hemithyroidectomy, subtotal thyroidectomy, total thyroidectomy) must sometimes be determined during surgery.