Telangiecstasias or Spider Veins

These are circulatory webs of a reddish blue color that are visible in legs, especially in the calfs and that are caused by circulation or circulatory stagnation..

Spider veins are a widening of the subpapillary venous plexuses which are visible at a simple glance because they are located right underneath the epidermis, which constitute an inconvenient aesthetic and represent one of the pathologies that are most frequently seen in physicians’ consultations..

Spider veins are divided according to their clinical appearance into four categories: simple or lineal, like a tree, in a web or star.

There are two common types of spider veins in the legs of women, in addition to the red and blue veins:

  • The parallel lineal type, which seems to appear in the inside of the muscle,
  • The three patern, observed most frequently in the lateral facet of the muscle.
  • Among the major causes or conditions associated with spider veins that may appear in the lower extremities are: genetic factors and conditions acquired by a secondary cutaneous component.

Currently, different methods of treatment, microsclerosis and laser photocoagulation, are the most common ones in existence.

As occurs with varicose veins, the presence of spider veins represents no correlation with age.