The treatment of leg ulcers has evolved considerably in the last years and it is presently at the disposal of numerous options. Independent of the tip of ulcer, the therapeutic regimen can be broken down into four phases: the fight against infection, maintenance of cleanliness, granulation and epidermization.

Ulcers are usually complications of varicose veins stemming from diabetic pathology.

It is fitting to distinguish two main types of complications produced by varicose veins: the venous ones and the dermatological ones.

Among the first, we have phlebitis varicorragia (bleeding varicose veins) and venous rupture.

Varicorragia phlebitis is a thrombophlebitis obliterans of the superficial varicose cord.. Its evolution may be benign, but the recurrences are frequent. The symptoms begin briskly with pain throughout the hardened venous cord.

In the external venous rupture, the skin is so fine that even a minimum trauma can propagate a hemorrhage, and in the case of the internal one, the volume of the calf increases considerably, and at the same time, one feels an intense pain after performing any kind of effort. The functional impotence and the hematoma begin immediately.

The dermatological complications are significant because of their frequency and their functional, professional and social repercussions. They can affect all the tissues. The essential mechanical factor which governs these repercussions is stasis, owing to a superficial venous hyperpressure.

There are four dermatological complications that may be present:

  • Dermatitis: Dermatitis may be of an infectious type, even though owing to the improvements in life conditions, it is being seen less frequently.. Also, eczema may occur, and even though we may find it in different forms, it is always pruritic.
  • Capillaritis
  • Dermohypodermite sclerosis: Dermohypodermite sclerosis is the sign that an ulcer is beginning to form. It occurs with the aspect of smooth skin, hard, impossible to mobilize and which adheres to the deep planes. It can be complicated with inflammatory acute outbreaks, then the treatment, generally deceptive, is performed on the basis of vitamin E, oily solution of soy, and advocado,moisturizing and scar removing creams, products that in no instance work miracles.
  • Ulcers