Psychiatry - Psychology

The medical/psychological care in health care centers is indispensable, by forming part of the multidisciplinary team as an adequate complement in any integral care of a patient.

By means of diverse studies performed in distinct countries, 40% of patients admitted to a hospital have some sort of psychic, reactive disorder, as an illness on the basis of, or concomitant with, organic pathology.

Despite this high percentage, little importance is given to psychological-medical care of the patients in many health care centers. This leads to, in many cases, a slower or incorrect evolution of their treatment, because the disorder on an organic basic, masks the psychological disorder, in such a manner that the patient presents a somatic symptom disorder or taking of material body on a pathological basis.

We can encounter acute psychiatric disorders in pre- and postoperative patients or chronic psychological disorders in nephrology, neurological, cardiovascular, or oncological patients that can interfere with a correct diagnosis of their underlying pathology.