Ocular plastic surgery

The Institut's Cosmetic Eye Surgery unit performs minimally invasive surgery that leaves no visible scars and ensures quick recovery. To guarantee eye health, the operation is carried out by an ophthalmologist specialising in cosmetic eye surgery as he or she must be familiar with the delicate structures around the eye to perform the procedure correctly and most of all safely.

The eyes are one of the most transparent parts of the body and say a lot about a person, such as their feelings, personality, etc. The eye area is the most sensitive part of the face and the one most likely to suffer the effects of ageing. Lines appear, skin loses its elasticity and nodules of fat can accumulate on the eyelids. These age-related imperfections make the face look tired, impairing the whole appearance. We can apply all our preventative practices to improve the appearance of the face, employing local or topical anaesthetic and minimising any risk to health.

At the Institut de la Màcula we'll provide you with all the answers to your concerns, both in terms of the results as well as the procedure, and resolve any doubts or queries.