The Sun

  • A ray of sunlight
  • Ultraviolet rays: the ultras
  • The ozone layer: the first filter
    • Ozone: the unstable trio
    • The "hole" in the ozone layeo
  • Solar radiation at sun level
  • The ultraviolet index: solar prediction

Skin and the sun

  • The skin, our own particular atmosphere
  • The suntan: life and color
    • Why do we get a tan? Forewarned is forearmed
    • The phototype: palefaces and redskins
    • What colour is God's skin?
    • UVA tanning beds: A harmless resource?
    • Self-bronzing creams and lotions: shade here, shade there
  • For better and for worse, in sickness and in health
    • The benefits of sunbathing
    • Vitamin D: the solar vitamin
    • Burnt skin
    • Solar skin aging: photo-aging
    • Cancer skin-deep

Photoprotection: the guardian angel

  • What to wear: clothing, hats and glasses
  • Suncreams and lotions
    • The sun protection factor: the dance of numbers
    • Creams with filtering
    • Health, beauty and vigor, sun filter every day
  • Photoprotection in childhood. Girls first
  • Internal photoprotection. Solar diet

Common sense sunbathing. Under a burning sun