Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are a range of medical syndromes caused by microorganisms that can be acquired and transmitted through sexual activity.

According to the World Health Organization, there are millions of cases of syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis throughout the world every year. In Spain, the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology is warning of an increase in the number of patients affected by certain STIs which were considered to be in decline, such as chlamydia, HIV and syphilis.

One of the reasons sexually transmitted infections are transmitted is that people do not realise they are infected, as STIs often do not cause any symptoms and they are not easy to detect.

Our Sexually Transmitted Infections Unit (STIU), coordinated by Dr Alba Català, is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of STIs. The Unit works with specialists from fields such as Gynaecology, Urology and Internal Medicine from the campus. Because we are a multidisciplinary unit, we can provide an appropriate, quick and completely confidential medical response, according to the patient's problem.