Thick Legs

Thicks legs are the reason for consultation in many occasions. The causes vary and go from an exclusive aesthetic concern to the pathological as they are the case of fatigued legs the origin of which is in poor circulation or painful legs as a result of cellulitic or edematous accumulation

The causes of thick legs can be as follows:

Thick legs of venous-lymphatic origin that result in edema of the extremities

  • Thick legs of traumatic origin, associated with bony or joint lesions of white tissues, in which added to the trauma, there has been vascular compromise which has gone undiagnosed and which causes edema of a varying degree.
  • Congenital origin, associated with amniotic brida,congenital lymphedema or vascular malformations such as the Klippel-Trénaunay Syndrome.
  • Thick legs of neoplasic origin: the vascular ones that generally respond to a compromise of venous and/or lymphatic drainage of the extremity because of neoplasia, by generating blocks of secondary lymphedemas or deep venous obstructions.
  • Fatty thick legs: these are among the most common ones and can respond to an anomylous distribution of fat, associated with obesity in the majority of cases.
  • Thick legs associated with cellulitis with particular trophic characteristics, associated or not with fatty dysmorphias.
  • Thick legs caused by benign tumors of the soft parts of the extremities, like lipomas.